Your Website Images Can Help You In Link Building – Here’s How?

Images have always been a better mode of delivering effective knowledge to your visitors or viewers. These are more interactive and leave an impact on the mind of your readers for long. The images help you build your brand and gain more and more relevant links. All these features can easily lure more people to your website.

Link building will also result in diversifying your links which are produced to the site. There are many forms in which images can boost the sales of your sites. These include photographs, memes, infographics, drawings, comic strips and much more.

So, here are some wonderful ways suggested by experts of Las Vegas SEO in which you can use your images in successful link building:

Deliver your image gallery in exchange of links:

You think your images are very impactful then you can always create a private library or database where they can be stored. This gallery of images can be offered to many prominent bloggers in exchange of good quality links. It is recommended that you offer those images which relate to your industry. To make images more catchy and effective you can hire photographers, graphic designers or buy good quality images.

Google Image Search:

Google image search is very useful in searching for those sites who have used your images without any notice. You can search by either uploading your image, its URL or use keywords on image search. Once you get the list track them and use their links easily. Try to find out why are they using your rival’s images as this will be beneficial for you.

Infographics are also useful:

Infographics have always been more illustrative. Most of the readers prefer reading your informative infographic than the long content. Here are some ways of in which you can promote infographics like Manually reach out to the bloggers who can be benefitted with your infographics, advertise on social media, or you can always go with paid discoveries.

Host your images in your domain:

Suppose you are submitting a guest post on some other site then instead of attaching your image you can submit your post directly in HTML format. What is the benefit? The major benefit is that the code of the image will be there already in your post and you need not paste any new link. This strategy is used widely by SEO company Los Angeles and will help you also to build image-based links to your site and even make your links type more diverse.


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