Google Should Not Penalize You – Learn Some Image Optimization Tips

Image optimization is one of the biggest factor in deciding the loading speed of your site. Search engines are generally not able to see your images, so you should try to make them understand your images. Many SEO experts from Houston SEO say that If your images are not well optimized then, of course, your web pages will take time to load. Google has even started penalizing those sites that load too slowly on any device.

So, if you want to be saved from Google’s penalization and do not want that your customers should leave your site soon, use these image optimization techniques:

Image size should be reduced:

If you are a website owner then you know that you have only 3 seconds to load the page. As the users can leave your page very soon. F you want fast loading just reduce the size of the images on your website. You can achieve this in two ways:

Reduce the dimensions of your file: Suppose the space of your image is 500 x 500 then upload the image of that size only.

Reduce the size of file: If you are going to upload any DSLR image then first check that its size is less. Use tools like photoshop or any other image reduction tool to minimize the size.

Change the file name:

Every body is clear with this fact that search engine robots cannot view images hence if you want that they understand it better then use a valid image name. Change the file name to something relevant which the bots and human beings can read easily. You can try putting keywords in your filename only if they fit properly, do not stuff keywords.

Use keywords in ALT tags:

ALT tags are like helpers for search engines in showing the images. These tags describe the image in front of the search engine. That software which reads web pages to the blind get help from the Alt tags, they can describe these images to those viewers who cannot see them.

Image Site maps:

If your site contains many images then creating an image site map is recommended. This site map will help google and other search engines to find and index your images more properly. If your site does not contain many images then there is no need of site maps. Make sure that you submit your image site map to webmaster tools.

Captions are important:

Captions provide speech to your images. To make your image more clear add captions below every image so that humans and search engines can get to know about the image more properly as stated by Kansas SEO experts. People generally scroll the web pages while looking for any information, when they look at the captions they understand the meaning better and comparatively faster.

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