Give great Mobile experience to users by following these steps

The world is going mobile because now Google has modified its search strategy. Austin SEO has analysed that those sites are ranked on top which give excellent mobile experience. Developing websites and then just deploying them was the motto of businessmen a few years back. Who thought that these web pages will be accessed through these devices in our pockets. But this has become possible and the necessity too.

Hence if we go ahead with any search today whatever websites are listed on top, all if accessed through mobile give a great experience. So, do you want to know what should you do to go mobile?

Here are simple ways to make your website look as good on this small miniature:

  • The three most common problems users face while accessing any website on mobile are:
  • Icons are too close to click on them separately.
  • Viewport is not configured properly.
  • Fonts are very small.

You need to take care of these point if you want to give your users a great mobile experience.  Icons here mostly refer to the social media icons on you website. All the platforms are not important, use only some of them on your site so that you can have more space to display big icons.

Font size when displayed on mobile should of course be clear and big enough. While changing your font size it may be possible that you have to change your whole layout, but provide the best to your users.

  • Your landing page should be emphasizing. To let Google understand that your website works properly you need to change the settings of your robot.txt file. Do not block the access to javascript, CSS and image files.
  • Implement AMP (accelerated mobile pages) which will enhance your site and leads it to new heights. Many websites are still not mobile optimized, even if they implement AMP soon they will have a huge advantage.
  • Plug all your information in a spreadsheet or Zoho spreadsheet so that you can have a record of it as stated by Boston SEO. You can track all the details of your website at any point of time once you create a spreadsheet and enter all the information in it.
  • Last but not the least you should not leave any of these above steps and make sure that all of them are achieved to go mobile. Even if a single step is missed your users will not gain trust in you and will slowly leave your site. As you know today maximum users are operating the internet through mobile, hence if you are not providing them the convenient way, how will they be attracted towards you.  

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