Does Your Rank Tracking tool have These Features?

SEO is all about Growth and priority. You want your website, business to grow and that is why you are applying SEO techniques to your site. Regular tracking of your success journey is equally important in SEO. If you are not aware of the accurate ranking and position of your site then how will you decide about your future strategies.

You need a perfect rank tracking tool for tracking each and every detail perfectly. Here are some of the traits mentioned by experts of Memphis SEO which your rank tracking tool should possess in order to provide maximum benefits:

  • Your rank tracking tool should be a cloud based autochecker. A desktop based tool can also deliver you the same results but in this system if you miss even a week’s data then all your previous data is skewed. Hence, if you do not want to take chances then look out for this feature in your rank tracking tool.
  • An efficient rank tracking tool means that it should be accurate in all sense. Most of the rank trackers miss out only 1 or 2 rankings. This no. is small to listen but a small mistake can hamper all your assumptions. Sometimes these tools even combine local results and make the data result wrong. Your rank tracker should track the local results separately.
  • Keywords might have become less relevant but still they are effective hence the rank tracking tool which you are using should be able to extract the data manually. Your tool should not wait for the cloud to refresh and then get updated with the latest data. It should be fast and efficient in its ways.
  • After every process of manual pulling out of data, you will never wait for days to get your data refreshed. You want it then and there. So, your rank tracking tool should be fast and on one click should result the latest data in front of you. If the data is not refreshed at that time you will have to hold all your decisions and further plannings because of course you will decide your next strategy based on your present rankings. It might be possible that you forget to check it afterwards. This latency will hamper your growth.
  • SEO company Miami has suggested that the tool should be able to send you reports regarding what is happening with your client.  The latest ranking reports should be sent to you via email. This will help you a lot.
  • You should be able to increase or decrease the no. of users of that tool. Other users should have their own login credentials to access the tool. If you do not want the data to be leaked then you can of course, restrict access to some of the features.

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