6 Ways to Conquer Google’s Search Strategies

Google is always ready with one or the other new update. These updates are sometimes so disastrous to many websites that they are even removed from the search results. SEO experts from Nashville SEO and marketers from different companies keep on changing their techniques to come up to the expectations of Google and maintain their online presence but still very few are able to nail it.

Here are 6 foolproof ways which will surely help you work with Google’s ever changing strategies:

  • Just increasing no. of links on your site is no more a white hat technique. Google is now focusing on determining those links which actually generate traffic. If your site is having a good amount of links and the users are not clicking on them, Google will consider those links as useless and will not consider that in your ranking factors.
  • New York SEO company has stated that sites which provide a good mobile experience are ranked on top by Google. If your site is not having this feature then you are nowhere in the vast online world. Studies say that formatting links, text sizes everything is converted automatically when the websites are viewed on mobile devices. To make your site mobile friendly you need to make it more compressed. Try to use small fonts and reduced size images.
  • Digital marketing strategies should not be stagnant, they should always be diverse. Always try to find out what is latest going on this field. If your desktop website is well recognized but you are not focusing on mobile devices and social media then soon you will be out of the market. You need to keep pace with the growing digital marketing era.
  • Media also plays a vital role in beating Google’s algorithm. You should create online newsrooms as they are the latest marketing strategy. Start Crafting media press releases and media stories which you can later add to your media section. This will help your readers to recognize you more and help you publish rich and fresh content.
  • Regular audit of website is essential as it will help you to get rid of spammy and toxic links. If your site contains these types of links then Google will consider it as black hat practice and can remove your site permanently. So, conduct a regular audit and flush out these unhealthy elements from your site.
  • Google Adwords is now being used by almost every site for pay per click advertising. It’s excessive popularity has made it more expensive. Consider other options which are proving out to be more beneficial and cheaper. Options like Flipboard and Stumbleupon are the emerging ones.

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