Show Business is The Best – Top Successful Brand Video Marketing Campaigns.

Your Business can be B2B or C2C, whatever it is one thing is common that your audience are watching videos in both the cases. Everyone from a normal office employee to the CEO of any firm watches video and shares them. They might watch videos related to their work or business and then share it with their colleagues.

Video revolution is the best form of marketing and is widely suggested by famous California SEO company, because what effect visuals can have on your business nothing other can implement the same effect. To make this revolution beneficial you have to look out that how can your videos be special and different from others? How can they attract maximum customers? What is that hidden thing which will bring your visitors to you?

Here are some top successful video marketing campaigns which will portray their ideas of marketing and what made them stand apart from the crowd.

Video-World’s Toughest Job , By- American Greetings:

Job interviews are tough, right? Here is the video where this great brand posted fake job listings and then conducts interviews with the applicants online. See the video below:

Now after watching this video you must have understood what was that special factor here. In this video the interviewer describes the firm and strict working rules like no breaks and extra work on holidays. Then the applicants show a lot of discomfort in accepting such a harsh job. The suddenly he reveals that how our mothers work in such harsh conditions everyday letting the interviewees share what their mothers do. This created a kind of emotional and sensitive environment  and then this video suddenly links to American Greetings card creation website.

Interviewing the real people giving a candid reaction is more captivating. What this brand did was to focus less on the product and bring the emotional factor on top.

Video-Be Together, Not the Same, By – Android:

Videos of animals doing cute things has always been a matter of great attraction. You open your Facebook account and see your wall full of these videos and you try not to miss any one of them. Android has come forward with a video displaying such cute activities of animals in unusual pairs. Through this video they want to convey that their software follows this motto to work on different devices and not on one same product line. See the video below:

Here i this video Android has made it fully normal. They have nowhere kept their product on top. It simply shows a lively animal life which is enough to brighten up someone’s mood.

Video – Capella version of Blank Space , By- Gainsight:

The biggest annual event of Gainsight is their Annual Pulse Conference. So in 2015 they wanted to attract more and more attendees to the event. Here a different sort of video helped them to gain 2000 new inquires. What they did was they recruited the VPs of customer success to just lip sync on the capella version of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space with lyrics describing their services. This video was so viral that it made this conference a huge success. See the video below:

In this video the executives were asked to promote their brands in a musical way standing in front of their logo. This idea of Gainsight gave the customers a different customer satisfaction.

Video-Like A Girl, By – Always:

If you want your brand to shine above all then there need to be something far beyond what all your competitors are doing.

We have seen that all those ads displaying female hygiene products have that same storyline depicting a scene of female nervousness, or she walking among the crowd telling all her issues, then pouring of a blue coloured liquid to describe how their product controls the flow. But this video by Always has something very true and of course different. Their ‘Like A Girl’ campaign was so captivating that it made their brand outshine the others. See the video below:

In this video they have asked young women and men to act like ‘throw like a girl’ and ‘hit like a girl’ and discovered the expected results. Then they asked the same thing to younger girls and their reaction was completely different which completely changed the meaning of ‘Like A Girl’. ‘Always’ is talking about breaking the stereotypes and not focusing on their product line and this is the real essence which made this video so viral.

Video- Hero in action , By – GoPro:

GoPro is a leading platform for uploading self adventurous videos. They have become the ruler in online marketing through their innovative videos featuring mountain adventures, surfing, skateboarders and other sports but this video has something different . See the video below:

This video does not display any adventure sport rather it is about a fireman who saved life of a kitten. This fireman uploaded this video through his account initially but then GoPro asked permission to post it on their own account. By this video GoPro managed to convey that their platform is for showcasing heroism which can be in any form. They expanded their idea by focusing on a more sensitive side.

According to many Chicago SEO company and other famous firms, keep your content relevant and customer focused, you will definitely get maximum appreciation.


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