Should E-Commerce Websites own a blog?

There is no need to wait till the end of the article to read the answer, it is YES! Yes, e-commerce sites should have a blog to post the content that is brilliant but cannot be put on the website. Many online businesses are not aware with the potential of blogs to gain users and Google’s attention. It is not a luxury that only online giants are facilitated with, every online retailer, no matter how small; should have a blog of his own. Blogs offer a perfect opportunity to reach out to audiences and target them at the emotional level. They can connect you with your audience in the ways, a website can never do. A very shocking but absolute fact Calgary SEO gave us is that having a blog can increase your SERP rankings.

You just need to be witty to identify the correct place for the fresh content- web or blog. Websites and blogs have different purposes and so must be their contents. Not every new content goes to blog and elaborated content with a nice story should never make its way to the website. If you are all ears (pun intended) to know more about how a blog can fuel your SEO endeavors, keep reading.

Blogs and SEO

Blogging is a perfect way to build the audiences, people who are not yet your customers, people who do not know about you yet. If you focus only on the inventory management, point of sale management and treating customers who visit you with utmost attention, you may never know what you are missing out. There are a large number of people who need your attention, who have their pockets filled and they just need your persuasion to buy your products. Let us know the advantages of having a blog-

  1. Blogs means more data, more pages and more links. If you create audience centered content, there will be more chances of sharing and linking. If you get more links, your visibility increases and you can drive audience back to your website easily.
  2. Google favours fresh content, you cannot experiment with web content but blogs give you opportunity to come up in good grades of Google. SEO Edmonton believes that active sites are given preference in search engine results.
  3. You can target many keywords while writing the blog, this way you can experiment much and maybe you hit a jackpot by discovering some ‘golden’ keywords for your website which drives much traffic and has low competition.

Blogs and Marketing

A good marketed product has high reaches, it promotes impulse buys. Blogs are very effective medium to market your products, let us see how-

  1. It allows you to write in a very casual way to relate to audience, unlike web where only professional content is placed. You can even tell a good story, which is a basic necessity of audiences. You can tell about how you started, what setbacks you faced and how you decided to keep going.
  2. You can include videos, pictures and other visuals to the blog to increase the share ability. The blog content can also be promoted on social media and traffic can be directed back to your website.
  3. You can showcase your products and write product centered content. Inviting guest posts or review post about your products can also be a good idea.

Blogs get you noticed, even if you start from a small company, with no experience of blogging; you can expand your influence sphere. Maybe you do not have customers now, but in the coming time, you can have a lot of views, views that bring you patrons.


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