Hackers Love Your Site – Is Your WordPress Site Secure?

Site owners and bloggers know that running this whole platform is not a child’s play. Keeping the content up to date, maximizing traffic, designing are not only the growth factor, what matters more is security. Are you sure that nobody else except you is peeping into your site’s hidden information?

You need to be clear about this aspect. If hackers managed to enter your site it will become easy for them to spread a large amount of spam and malware freely. Not only your reputation is at stake but if you are managing any client’s content and work, you have to worry about the liability of their private information being leaked by infiltration.

Here are some simple ways suggested many SEO experts from Dallas SEO company in which you can keep your WordPress site far beyond the reach of those nasty hackers:

Your Login credentials are the key to your home:

You cannot compromise with your username and password. Still there are many websites which have their admin account username set as ‘admin’ and password as’ admin 123’people have this general thought in mind that who will want to hack my site? But to be very clear hackers are like hidden mosquitoes who bite you when you are unaware. How can you take your login credentials for granted?

Choose long username with a better combination of alphanumeric and do not repeat them. If you face problem in remembering them then take help of password management service like Last Pass.

Admin Privileges should be limited:

The more the number of people you give access to the more is the threat to your website. Limit the privileges up to certain parts of your websites. Don’t give highest privileges to everyone. Also make sure their employees are well aware about WordPress, its methods and security policies. Suggest them to use a password manager so as to keep their password encrypted and cannot be decrypted over public WiFi network.

Your workplace matters:

If you want full security of your WordPress site then you need to care of the place you work. It is common to use a public WiFi network like in any random coffee shop, but you are the one using it there are many unrecognized people. So, this place can be harmful for your site. If you want to work in these places only then you will have to take some precautions like turn off features like ‘public file sharing’ and ‘network discovery’.

More secure form is to use virtual private network. These networks are highly affordable and encrypt your data automatically. Just install a VPN in your devices and do not forget to connect to it whenever you sit to work if you want to enjoy your coffee along with your work.

Make login attempts limited:

This is also a great strategy to protect your account. Limit your login attempts to three times as stated by renowned network security and many SEO experts from Denver SEO company. If any user tries to login the fourth time her or his account will be locked. Plugins used for this purpose mostly work on preventing  against brute force attack. In this attack your account is beaten with login attempts by software designed to crack your password.

So here were some guidelines suggested by network security experts which you need to follow if you own a WordPress site.


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