Google Is Here with Its New Social sharing Platform – Yet To Name It

Google, the search giant has always been on top with its frequent updates and changes. It again captured the headlines of SEO news when it unfolded the launch of its new social sharing platform just like Google Plus. Google has confirmed this release and has reported that they are trying this new experiment only on few businesses. The Verge and many Houston SEO company reported that Google is still waiting to name this new launch.

Many businesses and other online marketers revealed its name as Google Posts. It is only a  the invite-only tool which allows businesses and celebrities to post text, images, and videos directly on Google. Google reported that the posts will appear in search results related to any searches. Google Posts is specially designed to allow businesses, celebrities and politicians to bypass the algorithm and appear directly within search results.

This new social sharing platform is likely to replace Plus and is being given a lot of exposure on keyboard searches. It is directly available for candidates in the Presidential election and a selected group of beta testers. The new platform allows for a post stream to show up in the SERPS associated with your web page. The landing page of this product unveils these lines :

An Experimental New Podium on Google

Hear directly from the US presidential candidates in real time on Google.

You can have better view of the platform here:

So if you are a public figure or own any organization then you can always join their wait list which is mentioned there on their page. Through this platform your product will no more be an entity rather it will be a real time communication platform.

In the above screenshot you can clearly see that the website on the second position is getting a special placement. This website belongs to a renowned local jeweller and hence grabs a unique exposure. This feature is not available in Plus.

This new feature of Google will help everyone to understand local businesses well and will surely compete the Facebook posts. Another interesting add on is that you can freely share your post on other social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others. This product clearly displays the name of the brand and then gives a link on the left hand side which directs to a detailed page of the real content. Many SEO companies like Kansas SEO company work hard to be updated according to every change which Google brings in.

Google is an unstoppable search engine or more than that. The innovative minds behind this search engine master are dedicated to help all their visitors and users by implementing one or the other new invention every now and then. Now let us see, what special this product has for us.


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