Are Tags Important even in 2016?

Visibility of your website needs a lot of dedication from you. You need to improve your SEO campaign and the major part of it i.e. ‘On Page SEO’. On page SEO has always been a matter of importance while deciding the ranking and visibility of your website according to all successful SEO companies like Orlando SEO company.

Today what we are going to discuss about On page SEO is the importance of tags. Whether it is title tag, header tag, blog post tag, are they important even in 2016 as they were earlier?

Title Tags:

Title tags as the name suggest are used to mention the title or the topic of your content. Earlier it was important to mention the useful keywords in the title of your article. This would improve the visibility of your site. orgainised a research in 2016 in which they stated that Google’s shift towards semantic search has affected the importance of the title tag a lot. Researchers have found a rapid decrease in the effect as compared to previous searches. Reports have suggested that Google is no more interested in your title tag with an exact keyword.

This feature is not completely taken off. Search engines will consider it but its impact is no more the same.

Header Tags:

The latest ranking factors of ‘Search metrics’ have reported that on average out of five searches in search engine ranking pages displayed two searches are without H1 tags. So does it mean that they are also losing their importance?

But according to designers and web page developers use of h1 tag has increased rapidly. Infact they are using it more. If on-site SEO is considered, header tags have still their same importance as they held earlier.

Blogging Tags:

WordPress and other blogging platforms provide you with the ability to add tags to your posts. These tags are part of your site’s taxonomy. WordPress and other blogging platforms use these taxonomies to organise information in a better way.

These blogging tags do not improve search engine rankings directly, but they can improve SEO some or the other way. High quality tagging helps Google to recognise your website. All the more they provide the user with the easiest way to access relevant content on your site and this attracts your users the most. Hence if your users are benefitted, Google will surely pay attention at your site. In 2016 also usage of these blog post tags is not diminished as stated by Phoenix SEO company.

Relevant tagging can result in improving the user experience, and ultimately benefit your rankings.

So, tags are important when it is about on page SEO. You cannot say that they have completely lost their role in SEO, they are still there.

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