Are Human Writers disappearing From Content Marketing?

Artificial intelligence or the era of machines is slowly engulfing the human efforts. Google’s new AI Rank Brain has shown its performance in self driven cars, and will slowly capture other walks of life. Not only Google many renowned companies are more focusing on making their work automated. As these automatic strategies are entering in various fields many SEO companies like Kansas city SEO states that content creation is nowhere behind in using these automated tools. So, will this era of automated content generation end the rise of human content writers?

The clear and real reason behind making content generation automated is saving the precious time and thoughts of human writers. Yes, many prominent brands and websites like Yahoo are using different tools to generate only the summary related to sports and games. These tools are not depriving the human brains from their work but they are doing that piece which any writer would never want to do. Automated tools work as sidelines for human writers, where they can focus on those articles which needs much deeper thoughts and emotions while these tools work on generating summaries. Robots can never put in their soul and produce a real heart throbbing content.

How will automated content generation affect SEO?

Kansas city SEO have reported that tools like Wordsmith are proving out very beneficial in generating large amount of content at a time. This tool can generate thousands of samples of content. The software is very dynamic and flexible as it can generate content related to election results as well as recaps of various Tv series. But the major drawback of using these tools is that these automated content can be duplicate. If not exactly similar they will have that same pattern if you compare that content on two different websites and modern SEO is strictly against it.

Google’s guidelines state that if you want your website to rank high then your content should not be less than 1500 words and these software nowhere produce such number. But these tools like Wordsmith have created a lot of confusion in the minds of SEO companies and marketers as they can provide many pieces that too in less time.

So what should SEO firms understand from this new revolution?

Originality is the key and we all know that a unique and authentic content will always rise from a human mind only. These tools generate large amount but it is only about quantity as the content generated is not always error free. Only Humans fill a content with a real essence behind it and robotic writers are not going prove as good employees.

If you are still confused with this new technology that what will be its impact in future then just let your SEO company use its strategy which it is using since long. It might be possible that the future would be filled with such automated tools and would lead to the disappearance of human writers. But this stage is not going to come soon as everyone wants to read a content which has some human essence. So, we are not at that point where we can throw writers out of our business as we still need their great minds to lure the real traffic.


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