Social Media Marketing- Opportunities Neglected by Brands Mostly

Debates regarding social media as a promotion tool have been in the air. There are many reviews of SEO companies stating that social media marketing is important and some state that now social media is losing its importance. But the truth is that social media has always been a great box of opportunities and where we are lacking is the way we use it. Many businesses are not properly aware of the immense advantages this strategy can give in increasing sales.

Here are some of the opportunities which you are missing. Try to avoid this and make social media as your online marketing friend.

Customer service: Social media platforms have become a place where people get maximum customer service. If your site is not providing effective customer service through social media sites then you are losing your customers.

Looking at the importance of these sites many successful brands have dedicated a team exclusively for social customer service. Through these social media platforms, the SEO companies are providing real-time customer support to the users. This strategy has helped them to attract many customers and increase sales.

Employees public support: The company states that brands that have a rigid employee advocacy plan earn eight times more shares on social media. Hence, there should be a proper support for your employees in building your online presence.

Surveys: What most of the businesses lack are real-time surveys. These surveys help you to get a better understanding of your audience, market, performance, customer demographics and many other factors. Earlier it was difficult to organize surveys but today reviews of SEO companies and these social media sites help to conduct online polls which decide our future plans.

Recruit employees: Recruitment has always been a time-consuming task. You can ease this process by using social media. You can recruit those people who are already in contact with your brand. Using these social media sites you can avoid crowding of job applications. According to Joe Budzienski, vice president of product and technology at Monster provided some tips which companies can apply to recruit efficient applicants

  • Focus on your social talent brand
  • Use your employees as a resource.
  • Provide positive outlook of your workplace by healthy public relations.

Integrate organic and paid strategies:

Social media is such a platform where companies can engage a massive audience without even spending a penny on advertising. But we cannot purely depend on organic strategy because there are stronger ways by which we can attract more customers and that is when marketers employ a hybrid paid-and-organic approach.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit have all developed highly complicated advertising platforms that allow businesses to target consumers they might not be able to reach out otherwise. Each ad platform is equipped with features that enable advertisers to focus on those audiences that are not yet paying customers. This makes it easy for many brands to create good relations with potential customers were not prepared to convert for the first time.

These were some of the opportunities which we need to take care of. In the rush of quick success, we forget to analyze these important aspects which can be fruitful to us in some or the other ways. So, make sure you do not miss any of these.

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