Mobile Optimization is Necessary: But Mobile Web or Mobile App

Mobile Optimization is NecessaryBut Mobile Web or Mobile App.pngYou need to optimise your website for mobile use. It has become more of a necessity than a friendly advice. Most of the mobile users today prefer searching on the device, which they carry always in their pockets. No need to carry laptops everywhere you go, you can easily access all the information on the internet via mobile phones. This is an old story. We all know that it is quite irritating to hear that all over again. Sorry for the shaky intro! But we promise you will not get the same lecture again anywhere in the coming content. We are here to discuss the more profitable marketing plan of action- mobile web or mobile app.

No doubt, mobile apps have become so much popular that they have nearly replaced the web access of the site on the mobile phone. Talking about myself, I have never accessed the sites, whose apps I have installed. Never felt the need, you must be thinking the same, but the world is beyond people like us. Being a businessman or a marketer, you cannot ignore rest of the audiences. So, it has become very essential to decide where to put your marketing efforts for gaining maximum profit. Let us go through both of them and then decide the winner later.

In the Favor of Mobile Web

Mobile web works the similar way as the desktop web. Mobile webs certainly get more traffic than the App. Confused? Remember, apps get only those visitors who know you and appreciate you. But first time visitors or people in the search for an answer, will always go to the mobile web. They will perform the same method as they do on the desktop. They type the query, get results and click on the page that they think will answer the query. Thus, the web gets more traffic than the apps. Anyhow, it is absurd to install an app to get answers to a single query.

All the third party referrals and links redirect to the web. Oh Yes! You know that. The social media or any other site or app always redirect to the web page of the site concerned. Nothing will redirect you to the app unless the site itself suggests you to download the app. Thus, websites are important. If your website is not ready for such traffic, then you very well lose the potential audiences.

In the favor of Mobile App

First and foremost, the time spent on the mobile app is very high. Users visit mobile web for a limited period of time and not much frequently. But the ease mobile apps provide, users open the app again and again and spend so much time on it, navigating from one page to other. App usage is direct and there are fewer redirects for referrals. The time users realise that certain website is important and need their consistent attention, they download the app.

App notifications are easier and a certain way to know the advancements in your favorite website, especially e-commerce sites. E-commerce apps are better than the sites, simply because they keep the businesses closer to their customers. Out of an average 25 apps in any user’s phone, only top 3 to 5 apps constitute the maximum app usage. This proves that if you are not among top 25 in your niche, the chances of getting mobile activity are very low.

People do not download many apps for the same purpose, they just download the best few. Mobile app download can easily be influenced by verbal recommendation, reviews and play store rankings.

Optimization necessary for mobile web

If your vote is in the favor of optimizing for mobile web, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. A good design is not sufficient for great user experience. Mobile web should provide its visitors more than the good looks. Here is the checklist of all the changes that you need to make for web optimization-

  • Fast loading. Mobile websites should load fast, even for the slower connections. Mobile users want quick results; if your website takes time in showing those results then most probably they move to the next search result.
  • Search engine optimization. Your website should be optimized for mobiles too. Mobile web optimization ultimately affects your internet presence. Those websites which do not have mobile friendly web, rank lower than those which have.
  • Mobile friendly design. It is important that the fonts, colors and images are developed according to the mobile screen, it should not be too big or too small. The most irritating and badly handled things in mobile webs are subscription boxes and full-screen advertisements. They cover the whole screen and user instantly clicks back button.
  • Mobile based content. Mobile web contents can’t be same as the web content. It should be compact and targeted on providing solutions to their visitors. In making the website fast loading or good looking, content is often ignored. Content should always be on your mind, it is not something to focus on, in free times only.
  • Mobile call-to-action. Mobile website can make the best out of the situation by adding call-to-action buttons. Just one button and you can connect to your customer one-to-one. On websites, you can contact through emails or chats, but mobile can does more than that.

Optimization necessary for App

Apps are the present; they are the future of mobile internet. We certainly favor developing an app for the mobile if you have a limited budget. The reasons have already been discussed. Most of the businesses do not have apps; they don’t know what they are missing out. Apps add a new dimension to your popularity. With such a low competition, you can certainly reach to the top 25 in your niche. You need to have a dedicated team to develop small in size, big on action mobile app. Check out the checklist for mobile app optimization.

Push notifications and gather the user info; these are the two focus points of developing a mobile app. There is so much that a mobile web can’t do. With the help of a mobile app, you can send customized instant push notifications to the user, informing about something or providing some discount or may be asking for a feedback. One more thing, how many of us really care about the permissions; app asks before installation? We just want the app, that’s it! So from a business point of view, it is the best option to gather information about your users such as name, contacts, pictures, etc. Apps can integrate with other apps and the phone itself.

  • Developing a successful app is not a difficult task. Just convince yourself and your teammates that with such a low level of competition in the app world, it is easy to reach customers. Do not develop an app to rank number one, if a hundred or thousand people download your app, you are successful.
  • Make your app interesting. It is a fact that certain apps are never opened after 90 days of installation. People soon lose interest in those apps and move to the next one. You need to make your app interesting to retain users.
  • Have an outstanding app development team. As talked before, there should be a dedicated team for app development.

What the future is Carrying

Google is now integrating the mobile app into mobile web search. When the search is like-’best coffee shop’, the results are the places that sell the best coffee, but if the search is- ‘best coffee shop near me’, the top results are of the apps, apps that can help you with finding the best coffee shop near you. Now, Google is considering the app content too, to display on the web. So whether your app performs well or not, you need to develop an app just for adding some value to your web search ranking. Best Seo Company In Austin, relies on mobile apps to connect with the customers and boost up ranking in the search engine.

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