How to have a successful Content Marketing

How to have a successful Content Marketing.pngContent is anything that adds value to the reader’s life. Content marketing means creating a valuable content that can attract visitors, convert leads into customers, and customers to repeated buyers. It all looks very easy in theory, but implementation is a lot harder, you need fresh ideas, design, representation, links and shares. There is no definite plan to get success in content marketing, you learn from your mistakes and failures. The steps we have compiled here are more like a guideline to avoid common mistakes and improve the marketing strategies. They do not guarantee a 100% success, but following this path, you will hit less bumps on the road to success.

Step 1. Research phase

Do not start creating content just when an idea hits you. First and the most important thing is to research the market, to find out what’s been already done and what’s need to be done next. After a lot of brainstorming, you may get an idea; only to realise later that it is already on the internet. It is very hard to get a completely new idea, which has never been done sometime; somewhere, but new idea is somewhat a combination of old elements. So, you need to think and research what others have done and how you can do it differently and better.

There are three elements that can make an old content better: visuals, story and data. Visually good looking content has high reaches, simply because it is more shareable. Marketing today is not about products you sell, but about stories you tell. Stories are more appealing and remembered for a longer period of time. Sometimes making things beautiful is enough to make it successful. At last, some people are in the search of information, they want facts and figures. Stories do not interest these people but unique data does.

The platform where you are showcasing your content is equally important. Social media, which has a large number of involvements, is the best place to promote the content. The traffic you receive at your social media is more than your own website or blog. Research for the best platform, that can put you in front of your target audience.

You need to research your competitor’s content too, to evaluate the basic differences between the content ideas. Your competitors are targeting the same keyword and they want to rank for the same. If their content is better than yours, then they will get audience’s attention and more conversions.

Once you have researched, you need to put all the ideas together and evaluate if you can create something extraordinary out of them. Share your vision with your team, content marketing is not a one man’s task.

Step 2. Idea Evaluation

You have some thoughts and ideas, but it is necessary to validate that content created, as it would be good and successful. You cannot be 100% sure about the success of the content, but if your content has the following features, it is good to go:

  • The idea should be simple such that your target audience can understand it and can relate to it.
  • The idea need not be absolutely fresh but it should have some unexpectedness to it, something that is unpredictable.
  • The idea should stand on the concrete foundation of facts, there should not be any ambiguity.
  • The basis of idea need to be credible; credible data, credible author or credible company behind.
  • It should target to the emotional side of audiences because the thing that provokes emotions are remembered for a longer time.
  • Lastly, it should carry some story; story of origin or discovery. Stories make content interesting.

If your content has all these elements, you can move ahead to the third step, but if not then again go to research part and add the missing x-factor.

Step 3. Content Creation

You have the idea and you are ready to use it for creating a beautiful content, but firstly decide how you are going to represent it to have more audiences and shares. The content need not to be text only, it can be videos or infographic too. Find the best way of representation that can justify your idea.

Develop the content for mobile phones, if your content is not mobile friendly, you are missing out a large number of audiences. Check your content thoroughly before rolling it out on the internet.

Step 4. Promotion

Promotion needs as much time as content creation. There are three forms of promotion- owned, paid and earned, combination of which can connect content to the maximum number of people. Owned promotion works when you have an army of loyal customers or regular visitors. You post your content on your own blog or website or social media. If you do not have regular visitors, you need to rank better in search results, so that people can see you and click on your website. Best SEO Company in Denver can help you to increase your visibility over the internet.

Paid promotions include advertisements- PPC, native ads or facebook lead ads. These have some risks associated, so you cannot completely rely on them. Already established businesses can try their luck in such practices.

Earned promotion includes links and influence marketing, which works only when your content is compelling. If your content is good, you can contact sites which have higher authority than you, and ask them to link to your content. Influencers are the people who like your content or products and are happy to do the promotion.

Step 5. Tracking

It is not easy to sell something to visitors on the basis of the content. Some people are just looking for information; they do not need to buy something. If your content is good, they read it and move on. So, what can you do, to convert these people from visitors to buyers. When people visit you through social media, you can obtain their email addresses and can drop them an email whenever you launch a new product or service. You can also retarget people, who clicked on your ad but didn’t convert. This is the best way to remind people that they visited you with the query, and you are still ready to provide answers.

No one can guarantee the success of a content, sometimes great content does not perform well and a mediocre content steals the thunder. The only thing in your control is developing quality content and promoting it at the correct platform.

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