One-fourth Downloaded App Ever Opened: What to do?

This may appear as a shock, but it is a truth. According to Google, mobile users download many apps, but due to one reason or another, a majority of apps are never opened after downloading; 75% to be exact. This is a big number and a matter of discussion too. Putting ourselves in the place of a user, many times when we download some games, we play one or two and then never open the rest. After some time, we delete all the games and download new ones. So, some games lay in our mobiles as accessories and get deleted without being played.

Why does this happen? Maybe because some apps overpower others due to their great graphics and efficient user interaction. Have you ever think that there should be more than some pictures of the app so that people can judge better about downloading it? If you are nodding yes, then let go of all the thoughts because Google thinks the same and what Google thinks is a problem. Despite the fact that Google has no role in the problem, it sure is a part of the solution. According to SEO Company Edmonton, this change was bound to happen, it was only the matter of time. What is this change? Let us tell you.

Google has announced that in the near future (like real near; a few weeks maybe), android users will be able to try out the app for 10 minutes and then they can decide whether to download it or not. In the search results, Google is planning to roll out a new feature; ‘Trial Run Ads’. These ads will have both ‘Try Now’ and ‘Download’ buttons. Those who are not so sure about downloading the app can try it and use it/ play the game for 10 minutes and if they like it, they can download it from the play store.

When users are downloading the app after experiencing it, there are fair chances that they find it engaging even after downloading the app. Thus, app developers can identify their true audiences and can retarget them better.

In addition to Apps trial, Google is also launching the interactive ads for apps which will provide customized (unique to every app) user experience. All kinds of apps will support these ads which will be of 60 seconds duration. Up until now, we only get to see the pictures of another app/game ads in an app, but now you get exclusive premier kind of experience. The trial ads will help a user to identify which app is worth downloading and if he wants, he can go to Google search to use it for full 10 minutes.

The new feature would give app developers a unique opportunity to reach to their audiences better with more interactive and eye-catching visual ads. Not to mention that not every app gets to the ‘Trial Run Ads’, but Google has tried to include as many as possible. SEO services Hamilton see this as a big break to get noticed in the app world and have genuinely interested installers.

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