Creating a Sales Funnel ‘Leads’ to More ‘Customers’: Part 2

Creating a Sales Funnel Leads to More Customers Part 2.pngIn the previous post, we talked about the basic in and outs of the sales funnel. But the intermediate process is more complicated. It is more crucial. Implementing correct strategies can widen the tail of the funnel. Now let us go straight to the actual sales funnel model. Beware, every businesses have their own sales funnel. It cannot be common. But to give you a very basic idea, we have created one that can be an integral part of sales funnel of every business.

Do you know about the customer purchase journey? People do not buy anything on the first visit to the online store. They firstly shortlist the product, compare it with other website, evaluate the maximum benefit and then purchase. Sales funnel is exactly targeting the each step of customer journey. It is more like seller journey. The time from when customer get to know them to the time they become a loyal customer. So how seller walk step by step with customers to lure them into buying their product, all can be explained with the help of sales funnel.

Step 1: Aware

It is the first task in the sales funnel. It targets at creating leads. People do not know about you till now. You need to advertise or use social media or influencers, just make yourself visible to the people. Make yourself accessible. The various methods can be blogging, news, ads, offers, phone calls, emails, organising events, sponsorship etc. SEO firms like dallas seo can do the task perfectly.

Step 2: Educate

People know that you exist and you sell some products. But they still do not know how you can help them. It corresponds to the second stage of customer journey i.e. solution awareness. Solution is available, but you need to present it in front of their eyes. You need to tell them why your product is the best solution to their problem. How it can help them and make their life easier. Do not impose your thoughts on them. Just try to convince them, leave the end decision to them.

Step 3: First visit

When your offer is compelling, people do visit you. At this time, you need to be at the best of your behaviour. You must know which products your visitor is interested in. Offer some sign up discount. The most vital part of first visit is web interface, product catalogue and site reviews. If your interface is not user friendly and people find it difficult to navigate through the pages, then you are already half dead. Buyers want no complexity today. No hassle, nothing between the product and them. And if the range of products you provide is less, then also it offs them. Customer like choices. Give them choices. You must have reviews section at the bottom of every product page. Request your previous customers to review the product. Today, reviews are the thing that sell things.

Step 4: Evaluate/ Compare

Now the visitor know that you deal in what kind of products, they browse through other websites to compare. On the basis of price, quality of service, delivery rate, delivery time etc. they shortlist a site; at least for once. This decision can be changed by providing better prices. So for businesses, it is an opportunity to steal customers. Drop them email offering some discount on a particular item they are eying on. Thus customise your email for every customer. Send them reviews of customers who have used the product, thus they can be convinced that the shortlisted product is good to go.

Step 5: Return Visits

Now all the research work is done and visitors know what to purchase. They know you are providing the best price. They put the product in the cart. Proceed to checkout and then … Payment failure. Failure? Failure? It must be the disaster. Any problem, the time customer is making a purchase is the biggest set back to your website. Customer may not again try to purchase. He may sleep over the thought. So what you need to do at the return visits of customers is remove all the hurdles and take them straight to payment. Do not give them time to rethink. Do not recommend other products at this time. There is no sense in confusing them now. Just let them buy what they came here for.

Step 6: Conversion

Finally your leads are converting into buyers. They are purchasing the product. Just let go of all the plannings and preparations. Enjoy the sales.

Step 7: Return customers

Once you have sold something to a person and he has become your customer. Do not ignore him now. If he has installed your mobile app, keep sending him notifications about the supporting products or accessories. Or you can send him emails regarding new launches. Just always keep them reminding that you will be happy to help them anytime. It may be the end of your sales funnel but really a beginning of a bigger world. Loyal customers are the backbone of businesses. They not only make purchases again and again, but inspire other people too to try out your store. They actually create awareness about your product. So we are back to step 1.

Now you know the important elements of sales funnel. Next step is developing one for your own business. If you are a small firm and can not afford an external help, all the burden lies on a single person. But if you can afford professional help hire seo services in california. They can help you in identifying the significant intersections with the customer purchase journey. Now how can you identify who is the correct person for the task. Go through our checklist and hire a perfect person for the job.

  • Do the person employ ethical tactics to solve a problem? Businesses need to be diplomatic sometimes, but need not to be unethical. The person whom you are giving a big responsibility of developing a sales funnel should be honest and work with authentic tools only.
  • Is the person reliable? The person should be trustable. He has a very big responsibility. You must trust him completely not blindly. He may have to take big decisions. Confirm in advance that you agree with his decisions.
  • Is he himself a target audience? This point may not be suitable for many companies. But for some, it may fit perfectly. If the person himself belong to the group of audiences, he can understand the customer journey better and can draft a better sales funnel.
  • Is he good in communicating with customers? Some people responsible for the management may not come in direct contact with the audiences. But person with such a responsibility may need to contact some of your customers to know them better. He may be good at what he does but he should be compassionate to talk to the customers.
  • Does he understand market and sales very well. Marketing and sales department can not work independently. They are interconnected. The person you are hiring should know the best of both the worlds or at least he should be willing to learn.

Quick revision

Attract new visitors through quality content and good marketing. Build your email list. Provide valuable information and insights to your customers. Ask for the feedback and learn from customer’s experience. Work hard to improve your services to get praises from first time customers. Inspire first time customers to shop again.

At Last

Concluding the post with an overview. There is no correct time to develop a sales funnel. You need to focus on it from the start of the business. It allows you to device a plan to convert leads into buyers and loyal customers. It allows to track the return on investment. The ultimate aim of funnel is identifying the lifetime customers who contribute to the growth of the business. It can help you to meet your annual sale goals. It can help you in increasing the value of less popular products and improving the popular products. The more time you invest in building accurate sales funnel, the more successful you will be.

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