Creating a Sales Funnel ‘Leads’ to More ‘Customers’: Part 1

Creating a Sales Funnel Leads to More Customer Part 1.pngNot every visiting person is your customer and not every person who doesn’t know you yet can’t be your future loyal customer. A truth but presented in a very twisted form. Let us firstly simplify it. It is not necessary that traffic you are receiving on your website is converting. Some people are just browsing the products, some are comparing your site with your competitor’s and some just want information. Very few people are at the ‘buying’ point of their purchase journey. So how can you identify which people will buy from you and which will not? More importantly how can you inspire people; who otherwise will not buy from you, into buying?

This post is all about answering these questions. And for getting answers, you need to create your sales funnel. The top of funnel is wider than the bottom. It includes all your leads and prospectus. At the bottom which is narrow, lies your customers. You need to fill in the gaps to convert your leads to your customers. This path of conversion is sales funnel. Now lets us go step by step to develop a model of our own.

Identify Leads

Leads are the people who doesn’t know that you exist. They have not come in the contact with you. But you know that they fall into your target audiences. Now it is different from prospect. Prospect are someone who know about you and even contacted you once. But they didn’t purchase from you for some reason. And at last customers are those who have purchased from you once. Returning customers means customers who purchase from you again and again because they like you and appreciate your services. So leads turn to prospectus, who then turn to customers. Not every lead turn to customers. But your task is to maximise the conversion. Now you are clear with the definition, you need to focus on your leads. You can never know when you hit a big group of leads that convert and make you successful overnight. Well, sorry for exaggeration, SEO and sales is not a day’s task. But still it can be achieved within a short period of time. When you have more visits, google will recognise you and put you on top. This is the tactic adopted by boston seo, and it works.

Increase Leads

The more the leads, more chances of conversions and more sales. So how can you increase the leads? Firstly target the social media. It is the best way to connect to maximum number of people at a wider platform. Through web or blogs only those people can be influenced who are associated with them anyhow. But through social media sharing, you can reach people who are friends with your customer. And once your content is shared, you can not even measure how far you can get. You can advertise on social media too. Moreover, get associated with an influential person with a large following. Thus he can influence people into buying your products.

Other than social media, you can try blogging. Blogs are at the pinnacle now. You can find people talking about each and everything. Some discuss about things, some review. The result is bloggers change people’s perspective of looking into things. The hot topics or trends can be collected from google trends or reading certain discussion forums. Get into people’s mind and know what they want. Now you can not write about your product all the time. You need to solve people’s problems, you need to answer their queries, you need to entertain them. Write 80% about your audience’s needs and 20% about your products and how they can be proved beneficial.

One more method of generating leads is offer something. ‘Offers’ is a very lucrative term. It attracts people like a magnet. When people see their profit in a transaction, they go ahead. Now you can offer some discount or a free sample. In return you can ask for subscription or app download or feedback.

These were online lead generation. The process can be offline too. Organise some event. Distribute pamphlets to all the local stores, community centres, discussion groups etc. Thus involve people in various activities and then distribute the prices(your products obviously). Thus people will remember you and next time approach you to buy the same product. If you can not afford organising events, you can sponsor a place or meal. You can also call your leads on phone, to know if they are interested in buying from you. But no one does that today. It is often like intruding the privacy. So keep dropping the emails.

Convert leads to Customers

Now the most difficult task. It is not easy to make people buy your products. You need to improve yourself and present yourself such that they buy on their own. Keep reading to know how to push people down the funnel and become customers.

  • Formulate all your marketing customer centric. Make customers realise that what you are doing is for them. Make them feel special.
  • Target the personality of your audiences. This may be their gender, their geography, their culture, their profession. They can connect to you more if they find a relevant connection.
  • Target the daily struggles of your leads. Nothing says ‘I care’ than a helping hand in need. The content you create should provide solution and easy tricks to solve problems. Help them with your expertise.
  • Keep reminding them that you are waiting. Drop them email time to time reminding that it’s been a while they shopped or subscribed, so it is time for next shopping. Do not annoy them, but do not desert them too.

Convert Customers To returning Customers

Making sale to a person first time is complex, but doing it again is what really count as a success. Some person might have purchased accidentally from you the first time, or he might not like your product or service or anything. You task is to make them return to you anyhow. Loyal customers are like brand advocators, they pass the referrals to their friends and relatives. Thus they do the publicity for free. Creating an army of loyal customers is very important. Recognize the purchase of people. Mail them about the new collection. If they purchased a mobile, recommend them accessories. If they purchased a book, recommend the second part of that book. You get the idea. Offer something that compliments the first purchase. See how a customer is purchasing. Is he purchasing same thing again or is he buying related things or completely different things. Find out the purchase pattern. When you have a pattern, target specific person with specific offer.

Identify the reason, person is buying from you. Is he liking the product or the company. Maintain good quality products and services. Do not ignore customers who buy low priced products. If you assure him about the quality and give best services, he may become your highest spent customer. Listen to their feedback and develop a top notch customer service department.

In the effort of telling you about the basics of sales funnel, we left out the main subject itself. Let us cover that in the next post. For now hope you have understood that identifying the leads is at the top of funnel that ends to returning customers. The actual customers are far very less than the leads you targeted, but it happens. This is the reason why it is called ‘funnel’ and not ‘tube’. And if you think that this is the way to increase sales only, then look to the side where taking care of your customer can actually improve your search ranking. Infact according to chicago seo it is the best one. Better ranking=> more visits=> more sales=> more returning customers=> better ranking. The cycle continues.


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