Unblock the “Writer’s Block” and Find Great SEO Content Ideas

Unblock the “Writer’s Block” and Find Great SEO Content Ideas.pngWriting a good content is not an easy task. Sometimes you think subject is good and interesting while your audiences do not think the same. Sometimes you start with an idea but get stuck in middle and then end up discarding it or putting it in draft. Sometimes, there is so much to write about and you just fell short of words and sentences. And other times you simply do not know what to write. No ideas and no imagination. In such a case when you get what people say ‘writer’s block’, you can go either of these two ways, to get content idea- inspire from your competitor’s post or answer your audience.

  1. Inspiration. We are not saying copy and paste the content. That is not right too. You just keep an eye on your competitors and see what they are writing and people are liking. Just take the central idea of their post and take it to the next level. Make it exciting, thrilling and fun. You should add your own element to it like pictures, videos and visually appealing style. Complete what competitors are leaving. Take the idea and start from where they left. For e.g. if they wrote about a funny incident that happened at the main road last night, you can start from how people reacted in that situation. Film different people’s reaction and recreate the scene in your own way. Give more content to people than your competitor. Make it in depth and longer. Make it readable and provide all facts that may feed the need of your audiences.
  1. Answering. People search on internet to get answers. Always provide answers to your audiences. Firstly identify the problem. Make your content around a problem that people search and answer it at the end. You can know what people want to know, by reading the comment section of various blogs, Q&A platform, your own previous posts, your competitor’s posts and all those sites that cover same niche as yours. Or you can directly talk to one of your target audience member. He can be the buyer or your friend who is in target audience. Ask your buyers to fill some feedback form, so that you can understand their mindset better. Offer them a free product in exchange to talk. Your audience will also appreciate your endeavour of connecting with them.

Your writer’s block will go away once you try these two methods. But except these, what you can do is put reader’s shoes on and read your article from their point of view. Once you do that, you can figure out what perspective you left out in your previous post. You can understand how to make the post better. Or at the end if nothing works, atlanta seo recommends; take a break from your regular topics. Change the content completely. Write about your hobbies and what you like as a person not as a content writer. Your audience will enjoy the change too. And you are ready to come back in your old self, do that.

Okay, So enough about getting an idea to write a new content. Adopting some simple techniques, you can present the old article in an innovative way to attract new audiences. You have to do nothing, the hard part i.e. content creation is already done. Read further to know the ways to recycle an old content.

  • Convert to presentation. This technique, many websites are using. Slides are the perfect way to break the long article into parts making it more readable. Not only the looks of content is amplified, but it appears attractive too. Add photos and background music to it. Thus reading about a boring topic also becomes fun (Not that you write on boring topics). Put all of your creativities in making good slides.
  • Convert to ebook. Ever felt after reading something online that we should download it to read later on? May be your readers thought that. So, its time you give them what they want. Convert your article into an ebook. If article is not very long, then extend it further. Oh! writer’s block..Yes. Then no need to write more, just collect some articles of similar idea and form an ebook. Include those posts too which did not brought much traffic. That way, the not so famous articles of yours will come to the limelight.
  • Convert to video. Some people are just lazy to read. And you are in no mood to write. So it is perfect time to cater the needs of your lazy followers. Make a video of your article. Try to make everything short and clear. You can yourself feature in that video telling what you wrote in that article. Or you can give your voice to the video slides.

If all these methods are not enough, you can just repost your best articles on social media again. Thus those who already liked them, will get the chance to read it again and enjoy. And those who hadn’t read it before, can connect to you too.

Thus, for SEO sake, the continuity persists and you will not be knocked out of the race of search engine optimization. Moreover, you can give sometime to yourself and do what you like. And when you have replenished the lost energy, put your thinking cap on and get…set…GO.

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