Is Your SEO Company Actually Hurting You?

The deep world of search engine optimization is like a universe, more you will explore more you will learn. This domain is full of such uncovered layers which can either affect you in a positive way or a negative way. When on the one hand many business companies have touched the height of success through SEO services, on the other hand, many companies have their sites all destroyed through black hat techniques.

Therefore, it is always better to know if you are being scammed by your service provider before spending huge amount trying to reach the heights in ranking.

With the help of this article find out exactly what your SEO Company is doing especially during the first couple of months of the contract. The earlier you can catch what they’re doing, the enhanced chance you have of deciding whether they are helping or harming your site.

Here are the cautionary signs that your SEO support could be a threat.

  1. They Have Zero to Display

Dependable SEO Agencies always make their methodologies and workings transparent to their client. It is not always about the results as it totally depends on the time period and favorable circumstances but they should, at least, display the techniques they are using to their customers.

The clients carry a full right to check if their money is going into the right direction. Here are a couple of points which must be reported by the SEO Company to their clients:

  • An SEO audit of your website
  • A scrutiny of your site’s link profile
  • Optimized content on your site
  • Articles with links to your site that are being or have been published on other sites
  1. They don’t inquire you for any information

A decent SEO company would always require your help to work in a better way.  Since you are the owner of the website, they might ask you several details and information. But in case they are not asking you for anything then it might be an indication that they are not working up to the mark or it might be a possibility that they’re merely adding link backs from their huge setup of spam sites.

  1. They never instigate any ideas for developments

The best SEO Agencies view their relationship with you as a partnership. That means they will make recommendations for your improvements. But in case, if an SEO company never suggest you to do certain things, it’s a sign that they are up to something suspicious and they’re not interested in interfacing with their client. Instead, they just want to give something that will make you think that you’re getting a benefit.

  1. They don’t reveal their methods.

If an SEO Company says that they have a policy of keeping their methods confidential then it might be a scam signal and we recommend you to fire such agency as soon as possible. Honest practices demand to be exposed and not masked.

  1. On getting a manual penalty

If you get a manual penalty in the commencement period of your company, then you have a full right to be suspicious about your SEO agency. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to fire them since it can happen because of your fault as well. But you need to be careful about the future.

  1. Your rankings and traffic drop

If you see that your rankings are gradually decreasing, then your SEO might be executing activities that are getting your site algorithmically penalized. Also, an unexpected traffic drop could be the mark of an algorithmic penalty. You need to find out what the agency is doing. If it sounds, appears, senses, or odor doubtful, get them discontinue.


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