Email Marketing Campaign – The Dos & Don’ts

Do & Don'ts Email MarketingBanner.pngEmail has the ability to create value! What do you think?

We all receive a number of marketing emails every day, but how many we open? A few or maybe none! Even sometimes people don’t look those emails and delete them. Your potential customers might be doing the same.

Email marketing is the great way to attract a huge audience if you are applying your efforts in a proper manner. We have filled this post with worthwhile Dos & Don’ts for your email marketing campaign that will help you grow your business through emails. Take a look:

Dos for Email Marketing

Do create an unyielding subject line

Post your email with an unyielding subject line which does not sound like an advertisement. People are more likely to open these kinds of mail, as it creates a willingness for the users.

Do use HTML

In email marketing campaign, HTML is much better than the plain text. If you send a well-designed newsletter embedded in your email, it will help you to obtain more exposure.

Do add more visuals

Images or visuals attract people, thus, try to experiment in your emails by using different visuals such as gif, text, videos, pictures, as it makes your email stand out.

Do include various points of contact

If you add different point of contacts in your email such as phone number, your social links, official email address, then it provides a flexibility to the readers. The best SEO providers does the same. Further, the provided flexibility boosts engagement with the customers.

Do monitor your campaigns

By using email software like Google Analytics Tracking, you can monitor your campaigns easily and more conveniently. Observe results provided by analytics data such as bounce rates, open rates etc. and improve your strategy for future emails. Alongside, the data also shows the best time to send emails, so that you implement a better strategy for your email marketing campaign.

Don’ts for Email Marketing

Don’t send your email without testing

It is a must move that every marketer should implement before starting his campaign. Check your mail text, images, landing pages, subject lines and all other important email elements. Also, make sure how your mail look on different browsers before you send them to the users.

Don’t send emails too frequently

One of the most important aspect to be considered in email marketing is frequency. If you want to send only newsletters to the users then you should implement this practice once in a month or you can also go for a regular schedule. However, if you send the emails less frequently, you might be risking your readers, since they might forget about you.

Don’t use the CC function

Don’t ever send the emails to long list of customers with CC function. Since the readers don’t like to show their email address everywhere. Thus, this practice can end up to send you in spam folder.

Don’t avoid spam checker

Before sending any email to the users, first check whether your email is passing through to the common filters or not by using spam checker. If you’ll send the emails without using the spam checker then it is possible that your mail is passing on spams.

Don’t hide unsubscribe link

Each of your emails should be embedded with an unsubscribe link, and you don’t need to hide this link. Make it easy for the users to leave your list if they want.

Summing Up

With all of the above email marketing dos and don’ts, you’ll be able to avoid mistakes that can destroy your marketing efforts. On the other hand, these tips will make their contribution to your business growth.

If you have something related to email marketing, then please leave your valuable comments in the below section. For more information about SEO, and best SEO providers, stay tuned with!

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