Remove Paid Links From Your Website Part 2- How?

Paid links enables us to bring our website on top but in the long run they are not successful. There are many indications which let us know that our website is undergoing some losses due to these paid links. The strategy for getting rid of the paid links will depend on your website’s current situation. If your website has been penalized for paid links, then you need one particular technique for recovery. If you have not been penalized yet for paid links, but you are afraid that you could be penalized, then there is another strategy recommended by many seo company memphis.

So here are some techniques and tricks which can help you to rise above this problem.

When Your Website Is Penalized :

Website is penalized in the organic search results because of paid links. You should know about penalization whether you are paying for links or not. One indication of a problem due to paid links is a sudden fluctuation in traffic and unrecognized keyword referrals to your website. Verify your search engine rankings. If you were found for certain keywords and now you’re not, then that is one symptom. Check your website’s analytics that will also be a clue, also if there is a sudden drop in traffic at one particular date and time then that is another clue.

For removing the paid links when your website is penalized you need to have a good hand on all the links on your site. You should be keeping an eye on them and monitoring them with the help of necessary tools.

1.Download all the links on your website and pull them out on a spreadsheet. Some of the tools recommended by many seo companies like seo company memphis are :

2.Now once you have the list sort them and remove the duplicate links.

  1. Once you get to know that your ranking is being affected by these paid links hence you stop paying for them. But keep in mind that just this step will not be enough you need to check if the link is actually removed because there are many webmasters who do not pay attention.
  1. Once you have removed the links notify Google and start replacing the links. Keep the track of the removed links as you have to replace them with non paid links.

When Your site Is Not Penalized :

The process for removing the paid links to your website when it is not penalized is the same as if your website has been penalized. However, the only difference is that you cannot remove all of the paid links at once because it might lead to a sudden downfall of your website ranking. So, what you need to do is get a good study and research on all of the links to your website and then start removing and replacing them gradually. Replace the paid links with links that hold equality in topic, pagerank, anchor text, and age.

Having few paid links will not hamper your page ranking but it is recommended to be on the safer side.

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