Remove Paid Links From Your Website Part 1 – Why?

Search Engine ranking is one of the major part of promoting your business online and we all know that one of the integral search engine ranking factors is the no. of links you have to your website. Exclusively the text links that include the keywords you are expecting to rank for in the anchor text. If you want your website seo ranking to be on the top then according to memphis seo website having ample of links will be advantageous for you. The anchor text pointing to your site will help your search engine rankings. It is so influential that many site owners have bought text links to their website. So, now you might be thinking that then why should we remove these paid links if they are so fruitful?

Nowadays we know that buying text links is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This can even get your website penalized in the organic search results. Google specifically states this. We have seen that even well established, famous website’s search engine rankings can bear great loss when their paid link strategy is revealed.

So here are several reasons why you should remove paid links from your site

  • The Cost of Paid Links- Paid links as the name suggests are not free you have to pay for them regularly so it is more preferable to get rid of the paid links than to pay for links every month. You have to pay usually on a monthly basis.

  • Search Engine Ranking Problems- There are a lot of problems regarding the reputation of your site. Your website will be penalized in the search engines because of these paid links. You will enjoy and cherish the success you will get by great search engine rankings for the major keywords that you were expecting to rank for but now slowly your website’s rankings will dry soon and there will be no scope of recovering your site. You will lose out a lot of visitors, customers and sales.

Getting Banned or Penalized- Many memphis seo have said that It is not necessary that your website will be surely or fully banned from the search engine results just because of paid links. However, there are many website owners who have complained  a lot about their website being severely penalized because of paid links. It has destroyed their online business. So, if you are paying for text links to your website, there is a real threat of getting penalized. Your website may not come again to the previous position that quickly. Now as you are aware of this fact so start working on removing the paid links.

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