How to Effect Customer’s decision of shopping without letting them know

Selling a product to customer is a cakewalk if he is equally motivated, but what if he is not so sure? In that case you can put in little efforts to ‘inspire’ him into buying your products. There are three secret methods following which you can indirectly affect the purchase cycle of your buyer. ‘Purchase cycle’, yes it is a thing. Nobody is ready to purchase all the time. Some purchase after researching a lot on internet and checking your website a gazillion times, some purchase at the start of month from salary, some purchase during holiday season, while some at the end of season sale. You need to know how and when people are purchasing from you. Studying which you can predict their future behaviour and even alter it. With the help of austin seo, here are the ways.

  • You know which keywords are bringing you a great deal of traffic. Thus you know which are your star products. So remove any directs or navigation pages from search engine to actual product page. The landing page should specifically be product page. Thus customer is not left redirecting to different pages before reaching to the destination page. And more will be the chance of sales. Customer searched for specific product so remove all the hurdles between him and the product. Thus impulse purchases will occur.

  • Observe social media closely. A person’s requirements can be depicted through his social media profile. If is redirected to your site through an informational post, he just need information and will not buy anything. If through an image, he is just exploring. But if he clicked to your product link, he is interested in buying, but for now just not ready to make a purchase. Provide a subscribe form to such redirects, and offer them some discount on first purchase.

  • You must have some regular customers who purchase from you every now and then. You can also manipulate them. What you can do is mail them the information about the products related to their previous purchase like accessories. Why they know what they are missing out, they will make a purchase from you.

Many seo services in boston trust in these methods. We are not forcing anybody to purchase what he does not need, but just helping him to make a quick purchase.


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