Alexa Ranking – Is It Important?

Alexa is also one of the sites which ranks websites according to its own internal algorithm. All the more it is a subsidiary company of It specializes in providing the details and information of the entire web traffic collected through various toolbars and web browser extensions. This subsidiary of Amazon is most famous because of the “Alexa Rank “. It is the metric which  is used to prioritize the websites on the basis of their overall popularity. In other words  how much traffic  a website is attracting in every 3 months.

How Does Alexa Ranking Works?

The ranking of a website is the major matter to be considered in the field of SEO. Alexa ranking is also doing the same. The miami seo company have found out that the techniques used to rank the websites is just the simple procedure of gathering the knowledge of the average no. of visitors daily to the site and the approx no. of page views over the past 3 months and the website which has the highest no. is ranked as first. Now the question arises is from where are they getting such a large amount of data? So to enlighten you, this enormous data is collected from the fragment of internet users who are using any one of the numerous browser extensions then its own sophisticated algorithm follows to compensate as many users and visitors as it can and then normalizes the data according to the geographical location of the visitors.

If you are eager to check your website’s Alexa Rank or want to take a peek in your rival’s Alexa ranking then this step is straightforward all you need to do is navigate to the Alexa website and type your full domain name and the endless list of metrics is in front of you which gives you the detailed information of the performance of your site.

Has Alexa Ranking Won The Trust Of People?

People generally do not trust Alexa ranking. There is a reason for this too. First and foremost reason which is estimated is that Alexa is incapable of gathering data from every user. It only uses a segment of the billion users worldwide. So we can predict that the results provided will not be up to the mark. The second reason is that Alexa ranking technique is not transparent which means that when we look out for the exact procedure or the criteria on which they rank the website the only information we get is according to the no. of visitors and the page views. Nothing more than that.

Is Alexa Ranking really important?

As recommended by nashville seo company and many seo experts if it is about your site then Google Analytics is more than enough and no need to involve in the confusing rank procedure of Alexa. But if you need to check the status of your rivals or competitors then have a slight peek into their Alexa ranking as it will help you to know better about their as well as your performance.

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