Holistic SEO Will Make Visitors Stick To You

Holistic search engine optimization is nothing new it is simply deals with whole system rather than specific parts. Got it? Fine, to be more specific what st louis seo company has to say is, holistic SEO is a technique or website marketing strategy that takes help of many online channels and other techniques of marketing along with normal SEO. Holistic SEO focuses on the entire path the user follows till the conversion stage.

So what is this path or road till conversion? There are many stops in between this path. So let us have a deep glimpse of these stops and learn how holistic SEO is proving out to be beneficial in marketing our websites.This journey of the visitor or the customer is described through the conversion funnel. Here are the different stages of this funnel.

  • Awareness : First stop in this conversion funnel is awareness. Creating awareness among the visitors or the customers about your site is the basic need. Suppose John is looking for a hotel in affordable price then he types “help finding an affordable hotel”. Here holistic SEO comes in action. It should ensure that your site should have a dedicated landing page providing complete knowledge about how your hotel can help in an affordable and comfortable stay.

  • Interest : John is now satisfied and well aware about the features of a comfortable stay but still he wants to know more so he again types “facilities in a hotel”. Hence holistic SEO here should again show its importance by displaying a landing page of your site containing the content about the various common as well as unique facilities your hotel provides. Here the customer develops interest .

  • Consideration : Now John is eager to find out the best hotel where he can check in so he again types “compare various hotels”. John is clear about the facilities in cheaper prices and hence he will compare the various options . During this phase your site should be well optimized to deliver your uniqueness. Your content should be so convincing that the user should be moved to the conversion stage.

  • Conversion : John is ready to book his room in a hotel and he is ready to convert but he does not remember your domain name so now he types ”XYZ  affordable hotel “now holistic SEO has made sure that your site contains this page and is stuffed with the relevant details which John is actually looking for. Also there should be an easy layout and checkout option.

Hence st louis seo company states that visitors that end up on your site to learn more about your specific company should find an answer to their question. They should also find why your answers meet their particular needs, why your solution is the best for them, and where they can take advantage of this great idea. Holistic SEO is all about this.


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