URL Counts In Google Webmaster Tool – Be Careful !!!

The Google Webmaster Tools Sitemaps page can be an extensively useful for webmasters trying to get better view of how Google is crawling their XML sitemaps. This tool can betray you if you’ve increased the number of URLs submitted by mistake which is an easy mistake to make.

Let’s explore the problem and come to a conclusion that how memphis seo company and others also are trying to avoid it :

1.Double counting Of URLs : This is a great problem to look upon and it emerges when a site submits a XML Sitemap by itself, as well as within a sitemap index, through this tool. Google’s Webmaster tool  will count all URLs submitted and indexed. This means that Google will count just double the actual no. of URL’s submitted and indexed.

How to prevent inaccurate count of URL’s ?

We know this issue can cause a lot of confusion and inaccuracy in data for webmasters. So these steps are recommended to avoid such a confusion :

  • If a particular XML sitemap is contained within your sitemap index, never submit it by itself outside of this sitemap index
  • If you have more no. of XML sitemaps, ensure that no URLs are copied between sitemaps
  • URLs submitted in an XML sitemap should be:
    • 200 standard URLs
    • Site map should have self-referencing canonical tags, or do not have canonical tags pointing to other pages
    • Check that it should not be excluded from your robots.txt file.

What is the importance of sitemaps?

XML sitemaps are an important niche of digital guidelines as they give search engines a better knowledge and information of the content on websites. According to seo services los angeles  a sitemap is a file that lists out different important pages on your site, and then search engines go through this file so they can more effectively and conveniently crawl your site.

Google and Bing Webmaster tools contain information about these sitemaps, which helps us and advertisers all over the world to better understand how they are inspecting a site. By keeping these sitemaps as accurate as possible you will have the surety of getting the most correct statistics on these sitemaps.


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