Should Your Business Advertise On Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the world for online marketing and SEO. Adwords provide several benefits for the correct placement of ads on your website and building ad campaigns which will definitely boost your business. But you need to know some strange but true facts by best seo services about Adwords and is your website really applicable to be advertised on Google Adwords? There are many companies for whom Adwords is not beneficial. So here are some reasons which will make you understand that why your business is not according to Adwords?

1.People search something specific on search engines : A search engine is a nothing but a database based on human intentions which means that people use search engines to find something specific and related to their query. They don’t browse search engines like news web sites or social networking sites. If you are selling any product, then it is very less probable that people will be searching for your product on Google.

If you have launched a new product, or simply sell something that people don’t generally search on Google then you will waste a lot of time building an ad campaign on Google Adwords because that will get clicks.

2.If Your Rivals are big business giants : Based on an auction between ad marketers AdWords determines which ads should be displayed a given search. To make it more clear consider this situation, if you bid less than other advertisers for any specific ad, it is obvious that you will not get any clicks on Google.

If the products and services of your competitors are exactly same as yours , and make a lot of difference in sales,then of course they will outshine you when it is about searches. This means that you will either not get any clicks, or only get clicks on keywords that your rivals don’t bother about. This certainly implies AdWords will never be profitable for you.

3.Search engine Marketing Is not that easy : If your marketing team does not consist of any experienced and skilled marketer then you are definitely going to lose a lot of money. Search engine marketing is easy but doing well and good search engine marketing is equally hard. If you are not well aware of all the features of Adwords and are planning to create your own campaign yourself then it will cost you a lot. There are many shades and levels to run an effective AdWords program.

4.Have you thought about your Conversion Funnel :If you have launched some new product which is in demand enormously but your web site displaying the product is terrible and not upto users expectations, then it is not going to work at all. Success with AdWords requires a great conversion funnel. The ad content, the landing page of the user and the checkout or form submission everything needs to give that consumer a satisfaction that you are the right vendor for their needs.

  1. If your offer is not convincing : Offer is the major criteria which drives the whole sworn of traffic towards your site. If your competitors sell any product for $10 that too with free shipping and you sell that same product for $15 with $5 of shipping, then you can yourself analyse the results. The best campaigning strategy, AdWords will not be successful. This is a great challenge to face. This depends on the success of your business because it might be possible that your brand is famous and people trust you so they might accept your expensive offer also but on the other hand taking risk is up to you.

Top 10 SEO Agencies and marketers from all over the world have noticed that tracking conversion on AdWords is becoming increasingly difficult. Businesses need to look a the ROI picture as a whole.

You  should be paying attention on the overall business profit as well as Google’s conversion tracking virtues. What the real scene is, many users might be on your site while they are at work or on their phones while travelling and then suddenly convert from home. It could also happen that they will convert after clicking on any ad on social media. All of these activities can cause a problem referring your conversion to a given marketing channel.

Advertising on Google is no more a matter of secrecy. This is quite in trend now that your competitors are already running AdWords campaigns. As a consequence, if you want to compete in the world of marketing on AdWords then you need to at least be equal to, and more precisely better than all your competitors especially who are working in exactly same niche as yours.

Most of these factors which are described above are really gut checks to identify how competitive you are according to your rivals. Do you have the right motive? The right marketing tools? The right Web site? The right offer? If the answer is yes to all of these questions then Ad words is your key to success but if not then Ad words is not for you.

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