Visuals that make your Content Readable and You an SEO king

Every content writer knows that visuals make the article more attractive and shareable. Among the most common visuals are photos and videos. These add a great value to the article, as there will be less text, and as a fact people do not like reading long paragraphs. You can do the trick and include as much information as you want simply by using pic depicting the same idea or writing over it, to explain the context. That’s what most of the seo services in california suggests. Talking about videos, they are the boon for those readers who want to be updated but hate reading. Thus including videos will increase the visits. But there are more than these two types of visuals that take your content to the next level.

  • Banner/ logo/ quote. Your company should have some moto and the tag line. Use them in the articles. It does not only consolidate your brand image in readers’ minds but also provide breaks in the texts.

  • Infographic/ realistic photograph. Yes pics have already been mentioned, but these are some special kinds. Sometimes do not use pics from net or make from graphic designers, rather use real images with undoctored background. You can use info graphics where there is no text and all the article is embedded in the long image.

  • Data chart/ pie chart. We have left the math behind when passed out college for good. But graphs and pie charts looked nice to see. Didn’t they? You can easily represent boring facts and figures using these charts which are appealing and shows the data in a very understandable way. And you can try flowcharts too to show the progressive things.

  • You can make text more legitimate by writing in bullets and subheadings. These are visually engaging. Include some tips and tricks at the end in bolds/ italics. Readers like reading these shortcuts or cues.

  • Another great idea would be putting on screenshots. Use them to prove your point, make the idea more lucid.

  • Present your questions in the image form. Thus answer it in the text below. This will arouse the curiosity in readers to read further and increase the chances of sharing.

Many seo companies like chicago seo are striving continuously to improve content by adding these visuals in the posts. So, you must start too from now.

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