Top Rookie SEO Mistakes. Are You Making them Too?

SEO is a much hyped concept today in the internet world. Every person associated with online business know the advantages of hiring a professional seo company like seo company atlanta. But are you smart enough to judge if everything the seo company you hired, doing good or not? If yes great, if no; read the top mistakes most of the seo firms do while working for increasing the authority of your site.

  1. Keyword and content poles apart. Organic search is based on keyword, but it is largely dependent on your content. There should be a correlation between your content and the keyword you are targeting.

  2. Bad landing page and broken links. The page users are directed to after clicking on search result are landing pages. These pages should load fast, otherwise they will move to the next search result. The links we are providing at our pages to direct to other site or another page of our site should not be unresponsive. It leaves a bad impression and challenges your genuineness.

  3. Being a copycat. If you fall short of fresh ideas, do not post anything. But avoid copying from another site. When google finds copied content, it penalise you. You can take the center idea from a post and convert it to your own. Or if you copy something, give the reference of the original content.

  4. Duplicate copy of your own. Every page of your website should be unique. Do not make duplicate copy of content of one page. Google does not index it and user find it boring.

  5. Focus on quantity rather quality. Content is important does not mean you keep on putting a lot of articles on your site everyday that actually value nothing. Be innovative, do that no one is doing. If you have something great to offer to your visitors then only write, otherwise for the sake of continuity, articles are useless.

  6. Title is important. The title of the article should contain the targeted keyword. Thus it appears on the search results page. Make sure the title is unique and tempting.

    Not measuring. After implementing various SEO techniques, if you aren’t analysing its effect then all the work is rendered useless. What is not measured, cannot be improved. So keep analysing the effects of SEO techniques time to time. Companies like houston seo advocates the use of google tools.


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