New gTLD Domain Names- What Do They Have For Us?

People everywhere use the common domain names like .com, .org or .net. Instead they are used to using them only. But to make all of you aware this blog tells you that there are several new generic top level domain names which have been proposed by Google recently. Among them one domain name is .xyz also. Interesting, Isn’t it? But there are debate arising on this also. Some SEO experts like new york seo reports that these new domain names will surely prove out to be a success while on the contrary others say that their value is limited and will not last long.

Renowned SEO expert Bill Hartzer performed some real time tests to decide and clear the confusion about these domain names. This series of tests revealed some surprising results:

  • So what he did was took two types of domain names one was 3Carat.Diamonds and

  • Then he arranged for two different landing pages having entirely same requirements for each test like the ad copy, the landing page as well as  the conversions.

  • This test was performed initially on the Google Adwords as it provides much specific results which can be tracked.

So the results of course we knew that .com domain outshined the .Diamonds domain but only in some areas the other areas were well marked by .Diamond domain. It is also true that using .com domain is much expensive than .Diamonds domain and Google favoured .Diamond domain name more by providing it better positioning and more impressions. Moreover when looking at effective cost per thousand impressions .Diamond costed only $4.02 per thousand views while .com costed $7.24 per thousand views. But one interesting and contrasting result which was revealed was while looking at the conversion rate. The conversion rate was higher at the .com domain.

Hence till the end if we summarize and conclude the final result then we are also pretty much not sure that which domain is better for search engine marketing. So according to the results and many seo companies like orlando seo it is now up to the requirements of the site as well as the site owner that which domain names they should opt for.


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