Improve your Social Media Presence to Improve SEO: Part 1

Social media representation is very important for any business today. You can not simply ignore it and be successful at the same time. Implementing search engine optimization is a must, but social media optimization is mandatory too. You should hire a good dallas seo services to master these two business strategies. And how you can improve your social media presence meanwhile we can help you with that.

  • When you post on social media, you provide link for your blog post. It’s time to reverse the strategy. Now when you post any article on your site, include your social media at the end, so that the reader can follow you there.

  • Post your article during the non peak hours. These are those times when the post on social media is minimum. If you schedule your posts for such hours, then possibility of that post being read will be more.

  • Who said you should post your content once only? Keep a stack of your best and popular blog posts. Post them on your social media again, so that those who didn’t read it the first time could do it now.

  • Do not just write, quote it. Including quotes, make the post shareable. Put the quotes on pics, thus it would look appealing too.

  • Keep changing the profile picture. Your followers like to see the change. Do not get stuck to one photo. Change them at regular intervals. If you do not want to change your pic, change the background or colors of your picture.

  • We know pics and videos fetch more visitors, but the gifs attract even more. Put those funny and moving images with your post, to increase the curiosity of reader to visit your site too for more of that.

  • Also add your social media information at the end of the business email. Thus more and more clients can follow you.

  • It is a great tip from seo companies denver to follow your clients and potential clients on social media. Thus they will follow you back. And you can have access to their friend list too, increasing the horizon of your client list.

Hope you find these tips worth adding to your social media strategy. If not, it is not the end. Wait for the next set of tips.

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