Improve your Social Media Presence continued…: Part 2

The tips we gave you in the last blog to be a social media star was a start, we are here again with some more of those awesome tips. Keep reading.

  • Do not focus on just one social media. To be all successful you need to be an all rounder. Use Facebook, twitter and pinterest to set up your image. Use creative and beautiful images for pinterest.
  • Keep experimenting with your posting schedule. Do not follow a same routine. Try not posting anything on one day. Observe if people are spending more time to read your old posts. Post a lot of content one day and monitor what kind of posts are more read and shared. Thus decide your content strategy accordingly. Many seo services usa swear by this idea.
  • Instead of writing the facts and data in the text, put images of that. Thus people interested in reading will read from the pic, and those not interested can skip it.
  • When the whole world is crazy about emojis, you should not skip on using them. Do not think it’s an unprofessional ism.  It is not, just following the trend.
  • If you have some very old inactive accounts in follow list. just unfollow them. The inactive accounts do not add any value to your business, so just cut them off.
  • Always answer queries of your readers. You do not meet most of your readers or customers. But you can get an insight of their mind by simply conversing with them on social media, thus you can know what they require and how you can improve your services.
  • Sometimes post some old memories, like collage of your old posts that were controversial or popular or a total flop. The idea may be weird, but as per sources at atlanta seo company, it is probable.
  • Use hashtags. Use all the popular instagram hashtags like love, cute, happy to increase your visibility and clicks.
  • Use google analytics to find out which social media is bringing you how much traffic. Thus find the areas of improvement and implement the similar strategy you are using for the most successful social media.

If you master some of these techniques, your social media stand would improve for sure.


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