Correct Implementation Of Site Maps Improves Your Site’s Ranking

Site maps are one of the major feature if included in your site which will definitely let your site occupy a place in Google’s eye. But it is noted that many seo firms or vendors do not know the valid practices about the usage of site maps hence they end up neglecting it. Here are some of the best practices even followed by orlando seo company which if followed then there will be definite improvements in your site’s ranking.

1.If you are using a sitemap in your website page then make sure that there is no duplicate content on the page that the sitemap generator might add to sitemap which will lead to a confusion and could deprive Google of the original content on your website.

2.Use sitemap generators specially back site style generators as it can more precisely get over the gateways present on the site. One more thing to keep in mind is to give an appreciable look to the site when you are done.

3.If you are the owner of a small and simple site then you have to update your site as well as the whole site map daily and if you own a big and a complex site then no need to update the entire site map you can update only the recent part which is changed. As suggested by many new york seo company do not use lot of small sitemaps as there are chances that Google might skip some of them.

4.This interesting feature named the last mod time notifies Google exactly the last modification time of your site. Google will also be aware of indexing the most updated and recent content of your site and will be prepared to inform other search engines to make the date of change visible everywhere.

5.Sitemap can also help you to diagnose any indexation problem you have with Google. You can do this my fragmenting your sitemap category wise in order of your fresh content.

Sitemaps are the major feature which can make sure that your site is periodically indexed which is very important in attracting the traffic. So follow the right practices and exploit the advantages of sitemaps.


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