Heading towards an ad-free future

It has become a pressing issue for 2016 that what lies next for marketing in this increasingly ad free future. How to gain marketing efficiency? This must be the biggest question crossing the heads of marketers today. Last year few years perceived major changes in the marketing methodologies. In a way, we are heading towards the ad-free marketing. Long ago, Ads used to be the only medium for marketing. Be it brand entertainment, native content or social media, marketing always searched for the next big thing each year.

Then, there are some least avoidable forms in which countless bucks are flowing- Facebook and Google. It is something like highly needed to pursue any online business nowadays. Digital ad revenue is dominated by these two. Facebook and Google has a big hand in ad blocking technology with their feature of maximizing reach with few investment. The two major channels on which top SEO agencies focus. Content marketing is something that is being done more and more by akreters today. Either to reach masses or improving online reputation, content can be great tool. Content marketing was once defined as ‘overused and undefined’ term at an international creativity festival. It is more of Advertising or swaying people more and more towards the brand and its objective.

It is assumed from a long time that flooding the content entailed with a range of videos, recipes, apps, pinterest boards, tips and much more without any paid media support costs lower than hue media spending. So, it is a way more cheaper if you are doing well in organic search. Search declines are rare if you are implementing strategies in a right manner. It was found in a survey that 40% of the advertising budgets is spent on the creative cost. It was cited by marketers from top SEO agencies that creating ads for traditional media costs too much.

With traditional ads, you’re just spending more and more to overcome people’s urge to avoid your services. For an ad, you need to spend on the production, the director, the actor and many more participants. There are many other ways also like a renowned cosmetics company began experimenting in shopping malls by keeping beauty consultants in their cosmetic counters. Earlier the company used to rely on limited mass promotion retailing and traditional advertising. It is also expected that in near future health interactions, usage instructions and many other other reminders will be sent on the smartphones itself.

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