Google Ranking Factors Which Best SEO Companies In The World Use

Google is the global search engine which means it is used by everyone all over the world. Hence each and every business owner whether a startup or a well established firm needs to be among the top rankings of Google.The best seo companies in the world use some of the on page factors which improve the ranking of their clients and help them to be on the top. These factors are advantageous for the beginners also. So here are some of the page optimization factors which will increase the visibility of your site :

Keywords in the title tag used appropriately: The title of your content is the first thing which the search engine algorithm looks for. So the title tag should contain the necessary keywords. Keywords used in the beginning of the title help to improve the ranking as compared to the keywords used at the end of the title.

Keywords in the body of content : Keywords should be present in the description of the content. This also scrolls the ranking of your page on higher priority of the search engine and crucial for gaining massive clicks and traffic.

Keywords in URL : Use the relevant keywords in the URL also. That includes the part after .com.(“….com/keyword”).

Size of the content : the users today are unsatisfied with little or basic content. They need a room full of knowledge and to the point matter. So your site should have long but useful content because Google searches for this also. If your site has enough information then it may be ranked above others.

Copied Content : Make sure that your content is not plagiarised or copied from some other sites or it may lead to poor ranking of your site.

Canonical tags : Sometimes it becomes necessary to use two URLs with same content but this may lead to the problem of duplicates. In this case use canonical tags which tell Google that the both URLs are equivalent to each other and hence in spite of two different pages the content is one only.

Optimization of images : Best seo companies in the world not only focus on optimization of text but images also. Images can help the search engines in scrolling the best sites through their alt text, caption and description.

Update Your Content : Google focuses mainly on those sites which are timely updated. This does not mean that you will update the matter every now and then but some of the sites should be updated in every 12 month or so.


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