Top on – page techniques for seo

Many people are not aware of seo technology and how they should implement different technology of it. SEO mainly stands as search engine optimization. With the help of seo, you can easily take your site on great rank. This is the platform where one can easily apply different seo techniques that help to rank the site in the search engine to show possible results of the web page. Higher the rank of the page in Bing, Google or Yahoo more traffic site will likely to increase.

Since, seo has been split into two different categories. One is off the page, and other is on the page.

On – page seo referred to things which you do on the website to get higher rank like internal linking, page titles, description or the meta tags whereas in off – page one can do things offline on the website to rank it higher like article submission, social networking, blog or forum marketing.

In this blog, you will get to know about on page seo and some great ways for increasing the ranking of the page in the search engines.

On page optimization

Page title – page title is an important factor on the site. Your page and post should consist of unique titles that consist of the keyword in the page. For example – you can create a blog post like making new chocolate and provide its recipe. And most importantly you can provide some good title in a post like “recipe of chocolate”, or “chocolate recipe for kids”.

In this way, if anyone searches for the chocolate recipe in search engine, maybe your post has a better chance of coming up as you have included keywords in it.

Meta description – Many people skip Meta description in their pages. As, these descriptions are very important place which include relevant keywords in your content.

Meta Tags – For every page, you can insert keywords set in form of Meta tags. Keywords should be relevant to your content that has researched previously. One of the best example provided by Memphis Seo Company you can use WordPress on your site which provide you to enter Meta description, Meta tags & page title in at the bottom of the post before you publish your article. This will simply add up all the information on the page which can make your work easy and simple.

Body Tags – While creating articles, you should break content in small paragraph and sections to make easy for clients to read. You can use heading like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. Heading make to determine, what is important in the content. While writing anything in the content, you must use rich heading in the content.

Images – Image used in the content is a great way to make the site more appealing and visualizing for the people with a great text. You can use this to improve the ranking of the site as well. You can also take help of Miami Seo Company for better seo techniques.

Since, these are some important on page seo techniques that you can use in pages to improve the traffic of your site.


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