Strengthen your chances in the SEO world of Australia with Image optimization

Pictures serve as an add-on factor in generating engagement as they are appealing and grabs a quick attention. Apart from giving a complete outlook to the content, images are also important for optimization. Image optimization is performed by many Australian SEO professionals because it enables them to rank higher in search engine result pages. Search engines like to crawl the optimized pictures and rank them accordingly. You need to take the advantage of every small thing relating optimization if you want to have a successful survival among best SEO companies in Australia.

You may rather avail the advantages or can also go along the traditional techniques but the renowned SEO services in Australia keeps an eye on their competitors and very well understand that where are you lagging exactly. Your limitations can be advantageous for them. Given below are important points to have a perfect image optimization and maximized performance of your site.

Size of image: Own the most for minimum! Use the smallest size and minimum codes for the optimization. Google takes into account that how long it takes to load the website properly. But applying too small image is not wise as your content and website should look user-friendly too. Although search engines don’t necessitate particular visual aesthetics, but they lay emphasis over the quick loading of websites on all the devices including mobile phones and tabs. Probably, 60% of visitors access websites through phones. For mobile users, the slow loading leaves a bad impression and also invites the ignorance from few.

Image Worth: Google and other search engines love uniqueness. Freshness in both content and images is significant and if you have the same picture on your website that other websites have already posted, then don’t expect high ranks in search engine result pages. Search engines do nothing with the similar copies of one precise image on multiple website.


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