How SEO contributed in the online growth of my eCommerce website?

Reaching at the first page is not sufficient for any eCommerce website owner. You must rank one! We have reached an era where the online platforms are flooded with plenty of endorsing websites such as Myntra, Shopclues, Jabong, Flipkart and many more. This has become the basic reason behind why it is needed to rank higher than your efficient and renowned competitors. I wasn’t much aware of these marketing terminologies earlier when I launched my eCommerce website.

Well! It may sound shocking, but there was one more such term, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. Before going ahead, may I let you know that every next day a person engages himself in the thought process to start up an online business. I still hold that memory when in a group of four, we started up with an eCommerce online store. Lets have a look at how we prospered and emerged out to boast our achievements.

Inception: We started with endless meetings regarding industry and product choice, shipping size, logo design, marketing, implementation and execution of several strategies in our office based in Melbourne. My head was firm at the thing that we lie among the one-to-four person firm and it would not be a cake walk to grow up successfully.

Our contribution:

  • From few web specialists, we embraced that a robust website can be developed for less than $150 per month with some additional hundred dollars for the software. Although we were cent percent successful at creating a website, but there were many more crisscrosses we were unaware of. After having shopping cart software, we obtained an internet merchant account and payment gateway account, allowing us to accept credit card payments. We were almost done with every single thing that is required to establish an eCommerce website.
  • We gave it a kick start on the very first month of year 2011 and initiated our sales. It was running okay, but we were certainly lagging at attracting traffic as there are many more renowned websites out there, plus there are numerous people doing the same business every day. We faced a huge competition since it is undoubtedly important to have a good position in search engine result pages if you are owning an online business. With consistent and deep research, we left out with the immediate assistance of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO contribution:

  • In mid 2011, we approached certain novices and professional SEO companies Melbourne. We availed the services of an SEO firms in Melbourne itself within our budget. The company performed deep research in the domain in which we were working and estimated our position in the online market. Utilizing the on-page and off-page tactics, it gave an expected growth to our ecommerce website by generating leads and soon we experienced a huge conversion rate.
  • Along with providing a good rank at page one, the company also took special care of my site from being penalized or perform something that is against search engine guidelines. All in all, SEO is a boon for my business and can be the same for you too.

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