What Is The Google Panda Update?

Google Panda Update is nothing but a search filter. It is meant to stop sites with poor quality content. It was introduced by Google in February 2011. It is being updated time- to-time from then.

If any update is done then the sites which were hit previously may escape this time and the sites which were escaped earlier may hit this time.

John Mueller said that currently data are updated manually. He also said that both the Penguin and Panda algorithm are not updating the data regularly.

The Google Panda Update guides you to bring quality content in your website. It is an algorithm meant to stop sites with poor content and trying to get the top rank into the search results.

The latest Versions of Panda Updates are as follows:-

  • The recent update on Panda was done on 25th September 2014. This version was named as Panda 4.1. It is 27th Panda Update. Google said that about 3% to 5% search queries will be affected depending on the location through this update. It will rank the small and medium sized sites better than the lengthy sites. Google has discovered some more signals to help Panda identify poor quality signal.
  • Before this the Panda was updated on 20th May 2014. It was named Panda 4.0. It was designed to remove the low quality content from Google’s search result. It was published in Winners and Losers report. Retail Me Not was one of the larger sites on the losers list. Here search metrics reported 33% loss in organic search visibility.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search spam announced at Search Marketing Expo that the new version of Panda Update will help small businesses to do better in the Google’s search result.

These updates come suddenly and the changes are reflected very soon. You should go through the webmaster guidelines frequently to have a look on these changes. You will not want lower traffic after working hard on driving traffic into your website. The ethical practices for websites are always good and should be implemented into it. No one will harm you after doing these practices.

Keep watching on Panda Update, follow them and stay safe.

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