Violations & Search Engine Spam Penalties

We know that success factors bring success to a SEO. Just like the pints we have to keep in mind which will benefit our SEO, there are some factors which can harm our SEO so if we remember that points too, then we can protect our SEO.

Some people spam a search engine. It is hard to spam because search engine is so vigilant in this; it looks for a variety of signals to decide if someone deserves harsh penalty or not like a word of encouragement.

There are two ways by which we can enhance the performance of our search engine. One is by providing the best to improve the process and the second is by occluding the detrimental factors i.e. by protecting it from any damage.

  1. Thin Content:-

Thin content is content which is lacking in substance. It is recognised as shallow content, giving poor search results complaints.

Now-a-days, relevant content is not enough; it must be valuable to the user.

If the traffic on your site is dropped then check if the content is shallow and user find it not valuable.

This domain level penalty targets sites with a predominant amount of so-so content and essentially treats it similar to overt spam techniques.

  1. Content Ads:-

It happens and user complaint about it that, when they click on result, they hardly got the actual content because of heavy layout. A user wants his content right away. When a site dedicates a large fraction of initial screen to ads, then the user won’t even access it and returning to same page is like a day-dream. Hence, such sites rank as not highly going forward. Such sites are so frustrating owing to place plethora ads before content, perhaps the sites doesn’t have real content to show above the fold.

  1. Link Keyword Stuffing:-

How often is too often?

Link keyword stuffing is oldest spam tactics. Since search engine says to include words you want to be found on your page. But, using those words, over and over again in one line; what about 50 times in a row? Who will spend time in reading repetitive words offering nothing and not making sense with a flow?

Keyword stuffing like this could get you penalized.

You’d really have to go to extremes to cause this penalty to kick in. It’s most likely to happen to non-SEOs who just don’t know better and paste a word so many times in a row, usually at the bottom of a web page.

  1. Link Hidden Text:-

Search engine is like an open book or clear mirror. It doesn’t like anything hidden. Whatever user sees, it will see in all terms like font, type, styles, display etc.

What publisher does, which makes him to earn this penalty; is to hide things that user don’t want to see. So, he make the test might, to blend it up with the background and this will spam a search engine.

Don’t hide text, whether it is using styles, fonts, display: none or any other means that means a typical user can’t see it.

  1. Site Architecture Cloaking:-

What about refined hiding. Controlling your site so that search engines are shown a completely different version than what humans see?

That’s called cloaking, which it never like. It is worst to do cloaking. Heck, Google’s even banned itself for cloaking. Seriously.

It is a heavy penalty, if you caught. While most users are spamming search engine then the reason probably be cloaking.

  1. Paid Links:-

The rules say that buying and selling of links are forbidden and it is not a way for search engine ranking credit.

Speaking of Google banning itself, it also banned Google Japan, when that division was found to be buying links. For 11 months.

The debate over whether Google should act so aggressively against those who buy and sell links has gone on for years.

If you choose to ignore Google’s rules, be prepared for little mercy if caught. And don’t believe programs that tell you they’re undetectable paid links. They’re not, especially when so many of the cold-call ones are run by idiots.

As for Bing, officially it doesn’t penalize for paid links, but it frowns on the practice.

  1. Link Spam:-

Often people curious drop links on forums and blogs, with highly boosted anchor text with the help of automated software?

It shows you a non- SEO. All the people who hate the spam, you leave behind get the impression that’s what SEO is about. So SEOs hate you too – with a passion.

If you do go ahead with it, most of the links won’t give you the credit you were thinking they would. On top of that, you can find yourself on the sharp end of a penalty.

  1. Piracy:-

Breaking copyright law, by giving pirate updates on targeted sites will penalize sites. It is also called DMCA takedown, which usually mean, Digital Millennium Copyright Act for the law breakers and site which received maximum DMCA requests are penalized high.

It’s unlikely that most sites will have to deal with these issues, but you should handle any DMCA takedown notifications that show up in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

If looking for reclamation, can take guidance from Google on how penalties are applied, removed and how to request inclusion. Also can find how & when Ranking Penalties Are Removed.

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